Sunday, April 5, 2009


Not a whole lot to say today. Just feel so very humble.
At church this morning I felt like Luke was preaching just to me. Ya ever get that? Well I did, and the Holy Spirit moved so powerful that I could hardly wait for the music to run to the altar and pray. What is said between me and God is always so precious to me and so very real. I KNOW I hear His words in my head and feel his AWESOME power in my heart. To think, He loves me so much just bleeses my soul over and over again. But I think the true blessing occurred when I picked my slobbering face up and looked around and saw the sweetest faces of "my girls" kneeling with me. Kaitlyn, Hannah, and Melanie. These are 14 year old girls who got out of their seats to come kneel with ME!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Let me tell you I love these sistas more than you know. I have watched them grow as children into young women and watched them grow in the Lord and am as proud of them as I can be. (yeah, i know one of em is mine). That, my friends, is WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO at Ider Baptist Church.
I know that if any of you ever need to fall on your face in front of the whole church, these girls will gladly meet ya there!!!
Til next and blessings....Missi

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