Thursday, April 30, 2009

OH NO YOU DIDN"T...ooooo

O.K., so I finally figured out how to get a picture on my blog profile. WOO HOO! Now if only I could turn it into a GOOD picture I would be happier.
Not a whole lot to blog about tonight...I mean this morning..I just looked at the clock and it is 1 flippin thirty ya'll. Can we say derrrr?! I don't know exactly why I am up but I am nontheless. I guess I was thinkin about somethin someone had said about my church. I heard someone say (and I quote)"Man, you guys let ANYBODY come to your curch dontcha? So and So (no names) were out drinkin all night and at church the next morning. I should join." O.K. so I was ready to let them have it. I mean dude, who do you think you are dissn' MY church like that? About the time I was gettin tore up from the floor up...a big ole slap- on -the -head conviction crept up on me. WHO'S CHURCH?? DID JESUS SEEK THE SAINTS OR THE SINNERS? And then I carefully replied,"Yep, you're right, we let just anybody in..cuz it might be that ONE time they come in hungover, hear the word, and leave with a new heart." And that is the truth. It wasn't too awful long ago that I was the one in sin and lost without God. So I am thankful that God's church lets just anybody in, who are we praying for anyway? I am waiting for the day the back doors swing wide open and in come all the lost family and friends we have spent so much time on our faces for. And I for one want to be welcoming the lost in..As my pastor said just a few weeks ago..(not his words)..let us not be a church that gets so caught up in Religion that we lose sight of why we are's not religion ya'll it's a relationship, one that means more to me than anything, and I want to know that if Jesus comes on Sunday morning, He will find me shaking the hand of the lost or praying with a sinner as they accept Him! Well, I guess I can come down from my soapbox now huh? CAN I GET AN AMEN SISTAHS?????
Til next and blessings....Missi

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cya later......BUB

Last week and this week I have had mixed emotions on my job. I work for HOSPICE as I have mentioned. I had to say goodbye for the first time since I began this job. He was only my patient for 3 weeks, but for EVERY DAY for 3 weeks. Needless to say, I did grow attached to the whole family. I learned in those 3 weeks that he fought for our country in WWII, and had traveled almost the entire globe. He has 2 wonderful boys, 5 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren with one on the way. He had been married to the love of his life for 66 years. He told me the reason God put him on this earth was to make people laugh. And that he did, let me tell you. We kinda had a comedy routine, he and I. Many times his wife would tell me over coffee,"He has lost everything but his sense of humor." But there was one day which I will hold dear to my heart forver that I spent a couple of hours with him alone and he told me of his travels, his children, his years working, his life with his beloved and his many hobbies. Granted, he told me the same story not 15 minutes after he finished the first, but he was proud to be telling it. He beamed with pride while speaking about his family and being a Shriner and his church. We talked at great length about his relationship with God. He was a man prepared to meet his King. He said so with great intent. Each day when I walked in I would say "What do ya say bub?" His response always without fail was "Save your money!" I called him "Bub" he called me "Hub", I called him "Hot-Rod" he called me "Cold-Rod". We never tired of matching wits.
I was not there when he passed and that saddened me so, but I know it was peaceful and that he was ready. I count myself blessed to have known him, even if only for 3 weeks. I have already been told by his wife that I better come have coffee with her pretty regularly. I plan to do so.
It's not really goodbye anyway...just cya later...right?
Now I am more sure than ever that I was picked by God for this job. I don't feel like it's a job anyway, just a wonderful opportunity to meet people, share the Gospel, pray a lot, and maybe help lead someone to the Lord.
Please continue to pray for me that I will do His will and always be ready when He sends me.
Til next and blessings....Missi

Friday, April 10, 2009

I am just a big ole softy.

O.K. so I'm feelin pretty emotional today. I took my baby girl to get a dress for the band banquet. Now, I have seen her in formal wear a million times. For pageants. This is a DANCE!! WITH BOYS!!!!! He will be coming here to meet the folks and have the pictures made and the oh so unavoidable comments made by the DADDY while he cleans his gun and sharpens his knife. lol :) She is not my little girl anymore. Where did the time go? I have had small "breakdowns" with each passng milestone in her life. You know, the first boyfriend she cried over, the braces, fights with girlfriends, thinking she's fat (NOT EVEN CLOSE) all the woe that is being a teenage girl. And I will have a moderate pity party this time as well. Only because I am so very full of love and bursting with pride for this sweet girl.
I have but so little time left to enjoy her teenage years and am so glad that she lets me be part of them.
I hope I can figure out my camera to put pictures on the blog of her tomorrow.
My prayer for her as she takes another step toward becomming a young woman is this;
Lord, I know this is your child and not my own. She is a precioous gift from You God for which I am not deserving. I pray that Your Holy Spirit fill her and help her to see that she is beautiful as you made her in your image. Give her joy and happiness as she seeks for it. Let her find You in everything she sees. Most importantly let people find YOU in her. She loves You Lord and I pray that You keep her safe and pure as YOU would have her to be. I pray she draw nearer to You as she grows and feel Your arms around her when she cries. I thank You God for this most awesome gift. This sweet,giving,caring,Christian girl that I am proud to say is my daughter.
Til next and blessings....Missi

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Not a whole lot to say today. Just feel so very humble.
At church this morning I felt like Luke was preaching just to me. Ya ever get that? Well I did, and the Holy Spirit moved so powerful that I could hardly wait for the music to run to the altar and pray. What is said between me and God is always so precious to me and so very real. I KNOW I hear His words in my head and feel his AWESOME power in my heart. To think, He loves me so much just bleeses my soul over and over again. But I think the true blessing occurred when I picked my slobbering face up and looked around and saw the sweetest faces of "my girls" kneeling with me. Kaitlyn, Hannah, and Melanie. These are 14 year old girls who got out of their seats to come kneel with ME!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Let me tell you I love these sistas more than you know. I have watched them grow as children into young women and watched them grow in the Lord and am as proud of them as I can be. (yeah, i know one of em is mine). That, my friends, is WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO at Ider Baptist Church.
I know that if any of you ever need to fall on your face in front of the whole church, these girls will gladly meet ya there!!!
Til next and blessings....Missi