Thursday, April 30, 2009

OH NO YOU DIDN"T...ooooo

O.K., so I finally figured out how to get a picture on my blog profile. WOO HOO! Now if only I could turn it into a GOOD picture I would be happier.
Not a whole lot to blog about tonight...I mean this morning..I just looked at the clock and it is 1 flippin thirty ya'll. Can we say derrrr?! I don't know exactly why I am up but I am nontheless. I guess I was thinkin about somethin someone had said about my church. I heard someone say (and I quote)"Man, you guys let ANYBODY come to your curch dontcha? So and So (no names) were out drinkin all night and at church the next morning. I should join." O.K. so I was ready to let them have it. I mean dude, who do you think you are dissn' MY church like that? About the time I was gettin tore up from the floor up...a big ole slap- on -the -head conviction crept up on me. WHO'S CHURCH?? DID JESUS SEEK THE SAINTS OR THE SINNERS? And then I carefully replied,"Yep, you're right, we let just anybody in..cuz it might be that ONE time they come in hungover, hear the word, and leave with a new heart." And that is the truth. It wasn't too awful long ago that I was the one in sin and lost without God. So I am thankful that God's church lets just anybody in, who are we praying for anyway? I am waiting for the day the back doors swing wide open and in come all the lost family and friends we have spent so much time on our faces for. And I for one want to be welcoming the lost in..As my pastor said just a few weeks ago..(not his words)..let us not be a church that gets so caught up in Religion that we lose sight of why we are's not religion ya'll it's a relationship, one that means more to me than anything, and I want to know that if Jesus comes on Sunday morning, He will find me shaking the hand of the lost or praying with a sinner as they accept Him! Well, I guess I can come down from my soapbox now huh? CAN I GET AN AMEN SISTAHS?????
Til next and blessings....Missi


  1. Amen!! My new church is definatly a place for all. We have tatoo's and piercings everywhere. We also have a women's recovery home in our town and our church has a bible recovery group Sunday School class for them. The church van picks them up every Sunday morning and night. Our pastor preaches in a polo and jeans. Everyone always feels very welcome. It's not our job to judge just to plant seeds and love.

  2. Seriously?? I hate when people say "I can't believe so and so came to church". I am with you, that's where EVERYONE needs to be! And hey, if the church don't fall down or lightening strike when I walk in the church, it's ok for anyone!