Friday, April 10, 2009

I am just a big ole softy.

O.K. so I'm feelin pretty emotional today. I took my baby girl to get a dress for the band banquet. Now, I have seen her in formal wear a million times. For pageants. This is a DANCE!! WITH BOYS!!!!! He will be coming here to meet the folks and have the pictures made and the oh so unavoidable comments made by the DADDY while he cleans his gun and sharpens his knife. lol :) She is not my little girl anymore. Where did the time go? I have had small "breakdowns" with each passng milestone in her life. You know, the first boyfriend she cried over, the braces, fights with girlfriends, thinking she's fat (NOT EVEN CLOSE) all the woe that is being a teenage girl. And I will have a moderate pity party this time as well. Only because I am so very full of love and bursting with pride for this sweet girl.
I have but so little time left to enjoy her teenage years and am so glad that she lets me be part of them.
I hope I can figure out my camera to put pictures on the blog of her tomorrow.
My prayer for her as she takes another step toward becomming a young woman is this;
Lord, I know this is your child and not my own. She is a precioous gift from You God for which I am not deserving. I pray that Your Holy Spirit fill her and help her to see that she is beautiful as you made her in your image. Give her joy and happiness as she seeks for it. Let her find You in everything she sees. Most importantly let people find YOU in her. She loves You Lord and I pray that You keep her safe and pure as YOU would have her to be. I pray she draw nearer to You as she grows and feel Your arms around her when she cries. I thank You God for this most awesome gift. This sweet,giving,caring,Christian girl that I am proud to say is my daughter.
Til next and blessings....Missi

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