Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cya later......BUB

Last week and this week I have had mixed emotions on my job. I work for HOSPICE as I have mentioned. I had to say goodbye for the first time since I began this job. He was only my patient for 3 weeks, but for EVERY DAY for 3 weeks. Needless to say, I did grow attached to the whole family. I learned in those 3 weeks that he fought for our country in WWII, and had traveled almost the entire globe. He has 2 wonderful boys, 5 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren with one on the way. He had been married to the love of his life for 66 years. He told me the reason God put him on this earth was to make people laugh. And that he did, let me tell you. We kinda had a comedy routine, he and I. Many times his wife would tell me over coffee,"He has lost everything but his sense of humor." But there was one day which I will hold dear to my heart forver that I spent a couple of hours with him alone and he told me of his travels, his children, his years working, his life with his beloved and his many hobbies. Granted, he told me the same story not 15 minutes after he finished the first, but he was proud to be telling it. He beamed with pride while speaking about his family and being a Shriner and his church. We talked at great length about his relationship with God. He was a man prepared to meet his King. He said so with great intent. Each day when I walked in I would say "What do ya say bub?" His response always without fail was "Save your money!" I called him "Bub" he called me "Hub", I called him "Hot-Rod" he called me "Cold-Rod". We never tired of matching wits.
I was not there when he passed and that saddened me so, but I know it was peaceful and that he was ready. I count myself blessed to have known him, even if only for 3 weeks. I have already been told by his wife that I better come have coffee with her pretty regularly. I plan to do so.
It's not really goodbye anyway...just cya later...right?
Now I am more sure than ever that I was picked by God for this job. I don't feel like it's a job anyway, just a wonderful opportunity to meet people, share the Gospel, pray a lot, and maybe help lead someone to the Lord.
Please continue to pray for me that I will do His will and always be ready when He sends me.
Til next and blessings....Missi

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  1. It is definately a calling from God to work in hospice. I have worked as a nurse for almost 10 years at the beginning of life. I don't think I could do what you are doing. Blessings.