Monday, January 19, 2009

In my hands, I hold the UNIVERSE!!!

Well, today part of the drama team came over and we painted "the universe". Not to give away the drama, but the solar system is part of it. I had 7 teenagers and 1 tween in my house. Let me just say it was sooo much fun!! And sometimes almost a little.... not so nice. To get the picture, name the planets in your head. Ok now imagine that one (you know which one I mean) being used in every context possible. Being the "cool" grown up I am, I had to laugh. Plus, it was funny...for a while.
Even though we got a little nutty and acted silly, these kids never forgot why they were here. I just love them so much and am blessed to be a part of their lives. They totally rock!! Can't wait to see the finished drama.
Should find out about that job tomorrow. Oh please, please, please!!!
Til next time, love and blessings...Missi

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