Saturday, January 17, 2009

An extra blessing...

You know you've been a mom for a little bit when...1)Your youngest child comes to you and says "Momma, I threw up in the sink." and the first thing you think is "Man, I just cleaned that bathroom." 2)You consider Hotpockets to be supper. While they wash it down with Mtn. Dew. 3)Just to get them out of the house and on the bus in the morning, you offer them a mint if they say the didn't brush their teeth. 4)Your most popular response to them is "in a minute". And of course there is the ever famous "You better be bleeding or close to death if I have to come in there!"
I know all of those sound awful, but for those of you who have been a Mother for at least 5 years, let's face it, the new has worn off and they are just not for fun and play pretties anymore. Even if your kids are good, and mine really are, there comes a time when you can't help but cringe when you hear the dreaded word...,"Momma". Sometimes there's even that glance toward your husband (who you know knows you're looking at him). Maybe you lock eyes and he says ever so lovingly..."What did he say?" It is at that moment you realize, he's playin dumb simply because it might hurt him to get out of the recliner. So, you put down your book or laptop or whatever and go see what the child needs. You go in a huff cuz you didn't want to get up either. You may sling open the door and begin with "What is it you need sooo bad that you can't bring yourself to me?" Yap, yap, yell, wave arms, look crazy, etc... Then he looks up at you with YOUR eyes and a love for you that no one will ever have on earth and says, "Can you tuck me in like a baby burrito and say my prayers with me, you do it better." Ok, can I just say WOW, my heart melted and broke at the same time.? I mean, WOW! Even though I had gone in there like he had asked me to re-carpet the house , he STILL wanted me to be there. What a love. What an amazing love our children have for us. Not only did I tuck him in like a baby burrito(inside story) and hugged him so tight I thought he would indeed throw up, but when I listened to "Now I lay me.." I cried silently and prayed to MY Father, thanking him for this boy and his need for his momma to tuck him in. After all..I do it better.
Until next time..God Bless you & yours. And mommas, tuck them in as many times as you can, you never know when you'll get an extra blessing.,

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