Sunday, January 18, 2009

I reckon I'll just tell on myself..

First of all, let me tell you just how excited I am to be doing these blogs. Even if nobody in the world ever reads them, I feel like I am actually doing something with my "spare time".
On that note... a couple of my friends had found said blog and either commented or read it. So I thought why not tell a few more friends. One friend in particular is a blogging goddess. She is a real pro at this stuff while I am not even a novice. At any rate when I tell her about my new wonderful blog she then asks, what the address so I can read it? That's when it happened...(dum du dum dum). I DID NOT KNOW!!! Ok I know what you're thinking, the same question she asked, then how do you get to it to blog. Well the answer is I guess dumb luck. I responded to her by saying "So & so found it." thinking she would be able to find it like them. Nope..she proceeded to make me find the address, trying with all of her will to explain where I could find said address and not to laugh in my face! I finally found it. Guess where it was....right where it belongs, at the top of the screen. Go figure. I pleaded with her not to tell anyone how extremely Dumb I had been. To which she sweetly responded,"You're not dumb, just special." Reckon she means short-bus special? Oh well, it is always good to laugh at yourself and to know you are apecial enough to someone else that they don't mind laughin at ya either.
Gotta get ready for church, just wanted to tell on myself so she wouldn't burst on the pew. hahaha. Missi

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