Friday, March 6, 2009

Diary of a Mad Redneck Woman

Hello fellow bloggers. Long time no blog, huh? I have been a busy chic lately. Any-hoo. Here's the update.
As I sit here in McDonald's in between patients (how great is that?!), working furiously on this blacklight presentation for my KFC kids, I am slowly going CRAZY!!!! I asked my good friend and sista Cheryl if with every song I hear on the radio I was thinking of a blacklight drama made me crazy, she kindly said "no". Still... makes me feel that way. I am just so excited for these kids and I love them so very much. When I first started with them I was so nervous and scared. Mainly because this is not really my age group ya know? But, as we have worked together a little bit, I have realized....wait for it....I WAS WRONG!!! O.K., write that one down girlies, cuz I really hate to admit that. I am loving seeing how amazing these children are. They are so smart and pick up this stuff so fast. It blows my mind. Just goes to show me, yet again, God's got it!!! You feel me?? lol.
Now, onto bigger things...... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!! What has happened to American Idol????!!!!! Yep, I am an addict. Hello, my name is Missi and I'm addicted to really freaky looking hair, odd people, rude comments, oh yeah, and BAD SINGING!!! Did anybody watch last night? I was sittin with one of my patients watching and we were in loss of an hour we will never get back. I sooo need a life!!!
Oh well, gotta get to work.....til next and blessings, Missi

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  1. Ok I think of blacklight drama's all the time when I listen to the radio. I don't know how many times I have called Cheryl and said "How about this song?" LOL It's totally normal.