Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new edition to the Kingdom of God..

Well, I have been bubbling over since Saturday. So much so that I couldn't even write what I was feeling. In case any of you haven't heard...my little boy was SAVED Saturday night!!! The drama team & choir were invited to choir-fest so of course we went where the drama team proceeded to put on the best show I have ever seen in my life!! (I'm not biased, they are just that good). As we were leaving my baby told me he had to talk to me right then and in private. After a brief conversation, he told me he needed to talk to Brother Luke. Well, he did and he was saved right there in the parking lot of the church!!! Talk about in Awe! Woo Hoo!!
I watched my little boy look up at Luke with big eyes and tears in them so intently and listening to every word he said. I have never seen him do that before. He told Luke that he felt something in here (circling his chest) and it made him feel real happy. Now, if any of you know my boy, you know he is not the social butterfly and he rarely looks at you in the eye. He did then. He knew he was a sinner in need of a Savior!! I am just so overwhelmed with love for this child and so proud that he bravely asked his pastor to pray with him on what I know had to be the most scary and exciting moment in his short little life. He never waivered, or looked to me for the answer in which to give Luke, like kids do when asked questions by grown-ups when mom is nearby. He was so big in that moment and so sure of what he was saying and hearing. When he said that prayer, asking God to save him, well, I can honestly say that I have never felt anything like that in all of my life. I feel so blessed that God let me be part of his experience. I am so honored that I serve a true and living God that is still in the business of saving lost souls through the blood of His Son.
I have to give "props" to our FOG team too. I have been telling these kids from the first day what they are doing to impact their audience. Now there is proof. The fruits of their labor so to speak. They had a huge part in leading my child to the Lord!! And I have to say thanks again to Cheryl and Shaunta' for the love they have for these kids and all the hard work they have done with them. Cheryl has told them from the beginning that their focus is always on God and encouraged them to pray and so has Shaunta'. Let me just say that I know these kids have been praying!
I think what touched me most is the fact that all of these teenagers were so excited for Jay and texting eachother and blogging about it. It just touched my heart more than I can say. They didn't have to care, you know? They are all so awesome and I love them each and every one. I sure hope they know it.
I pray that our elementary team can have the same impact. Oh, yeah, they have named themselves KFC...kids for Christ. How bout that for cool??
Til next time...love and blessings...Missi


  1. The drama team said they were standing in the rain peering in the bus windows in awe that night. Jay getting saved really tugged at their hearts! It just makes me smile evertime I think about it!