Monday, February 16, 2009

Throwing David to....the dogs???

I know, I know, it's been a little bit since I posted anything. What can I say? I am BORING!!! There have been a few interesting things go on that I have been forunate to be a part of. The drama team at church blew my mind yet again. If you haven't seen their latest, visit Shaunta's blog or you can look on Youtube. It will rock your socks I can promise you that!!! Kaitlyn was so disappointed because the planets didn't show up as good as she would have liked, but it was still awesome. Can I just say THANK GOD for Cheryl and Shaunta? They are so wonderful with these kids. I have been blessed to be a part of the practices for the past few weeks. Even though I saw them, I was still in tears during the whole performance.
And......guess what else? Wendy and myself are getting the elementary kids together to form their own drama team. I am so excited! I think the kids are too. I just pray that I do what God has me to and that in all we do with these children, Jesus is at the heart of it.

Moving on to the funny stuff... or at least I think it is. I just want to mention up front that I have taught VBS, children's church, Bible release, etc. etc., but I usually have older kids. I recently have taken the 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School. I generally have one or two kids if it's a good day. On this particular Sunday, I had two, who happened to be cousins. They are so cute at this age and so smart. I began like usual, prayer requests and prayer. After the "pray for my brother's to stop being mean to me" and "do we have to pray, I'm hungry", we prayed and read our lesson. It was about serving. It centered on Saul and David and how God used David to serve from the time he was a shepherd up to when he wrote Psalms to praise God. We went into detail about him playing the harp for Saul and how he would become ruler over Isreal, how he blessed people in God's name. I mean we had a real discussion. (as much as a 6 and 7 year old can with me in charge). We talked about how you can serve people as a child. Responses like, " You can't" and "Why? Do I have to?" were pretty popular this day. Not that they weren't attentive and well behaved, they were wonderfully behaved children, just very honest children. Finally, after all of our discussion and reciting the memory verse, I asked "Do you remember what David was doing when God called for him to be annointed?" I looked at their sweet little faces as they searched their brains for the answer. " I know!" said one. " He was a German Shepherd!"
Now, I pose this question to you, my dear friends.... Am I the BEST teacher or what??!!!!
It is days like this that remind me why God has called me to do His work as a teacher. Be it ever so humble, a Sunday School teacher I am . And I am loving every minute of it. So, Thank you God, for reminding me that ALL of your creations are worthy to be mentioned, even the dogs.

Love and Blessings til next time....Missi

p.s. I am soooo loving the new job. I believe it to be hand-picked by Jesus just for me!!!!


  1. I know you and Wendy will be great at the new Drama team! I am so excited. You will be perfect for those kids. I know you will be overflowing with little kids because so many have shown interest. Thanks for taking on a new position. God will surely bless you for your efforts!

  2. I taught SS and AWANA on the Kindergarten and First Grade level for many many years and it never failed to amaze me at what those kids would say......I think most times I ended up learning from them instead of them learning from me.......Good luck with both new positions and your new job!